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We offer different types of surgeries, including tumor resection, organ excision, reductive surgery, thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, reconstruction surgery and surgical management of pain.

Patients will fall asleep after administering intravenous sedation. Local anesthesia will be injected to the surgical site before the procedure. No or little discomfort will experience during the procedure.


  • Fast for 4 hours before the operation.
  • There will be a brief consultation before the operation, the procedure and the risks involved will also be explained. A consent form will also be signed beforehand.
  • Remove dentures, jewellery and metallic accessories.


  • Patients will fall asleep after administering intravenous sedation. There will be sterilization and injection of local anesthesia to the surgical site before the procedure. Generally, there will be no adverse reaction during the procedure.
  • The duration depends on the operation performed.
  • Resting suite is available for patient to recover whilst the sedation is wearing off after the surgery. Family can accompany during the time.
  • Diet can be resumed once recovered from the surgery.
  • It takes about 1-2 hour(s) for the sedation to pass. Patient may experience different levels of pain and discomfort, depending on the operation and the surgical site. Doctor will prescribe painkillers and instruct the patient how to handle the wound after the surgery.
We collaborate closely with different surgeons to provide you the most appropriate surgical options. Patients can choose their preferred hospitals to perform the surgery, for examples:
(1) Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital
 (2) Hong Kong Adventist Hospital
 (3) St. Pauls Hospital
(4) Hong Kong Baptist Hospital
(5) St. Teresas Hospital
 (6) Union Hospital