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We offer comprehensive endoscopy services, and patients can choose to undergo the procedures in either out-patient or in-patient settings. During the entire process, our medical team would closely monitor for patients condition. Besides, sedation could be arranged with anaesthesiologists to minimize any discomfort associated with the procedure.

Endoscopy Examination
Our Endoscopy Unit provides a one-stop diagnostic and therapeutic solution for patients with diseases in the digestive tract.
The Endoscopy Unit is staffed by friendly, amicable, highly qualified endoscopic nurses and technical staff, who are determined to provide personalized service to every patient in an atmosphere and environment that promotes wellness and rapid healing.

HDTV Video Processor

The Endoscopy Unit is equipped with the latest Olympus HDTV video processor and a range of endoscopes capable of making full utilization of "Narrow Banding Imaging".
 Coupled with Olympus GIF Type H260 endoscope, it is high definition (HDTV) video processor for endoscopy, the system has dramatically improved image quality with state-of-the-art image enhancement technologies.

Narrow Banding Imaging 
NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) Developed to enhance vascular and surface patterns, NBI now features twice the viewable distance, improved noise reduction that works more efficiently, and image response speed from dark to bright is much faster. These advances help physicians to detect and characterize lesions even more effectively.